Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jimmy watching a lady bug crawling on his arm. we've had tons of them in the lawn and the kids love it.

From left to right: the boquet, ladies corsages, mean's corsages and far right the little boquet to throw. We put the extra flowers on the cake and table center pieces.

Ok, I said there would be a new post on Wednesday and now it's Thursday, but it's not a year later! We have had by brother and his wife and family. We always have SO much fun when they come. We've stayed up to late almost every night playing killer bunnies or watching a movie or just talking. Last Friday My sister-in-law and I arranged the flowers for her sister's wedding on Saturday. We started about 11 in the morning and finished about 11:40 at night. Ofcourse we had diapers to change, meals to cook and cute kids who just needed some attention in between all of it. It was a lot of fun but it made me glad I'm not in buisness doing it. They turned out beautiful but man my kids needed me! I felt like I was saying "just a minute" all day long. Being a Mom is full time hands on! Some day it will be fun to have a flower shop or green house but for now I just know my attention is best spent on the three little munkshins that God gave me.


Brittney said...

I love seeing all the pictures!!! Beautiful flower arrangements.

Caralee and Jon said...

Good job with the flowers Katie~ Your family is beautiful, such good looking kids! :-) Glad you guys are doing well!

Amber said...

Yeah a post!! Glad that you guys are doing so great! Cute kiddos!! where are you guys now? We love killer bunnies too. What fun, hope you continue to post now and then :) Take care!