Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jimmy watching a lady bug crawling on his arm. we've had tons of them in the lawn and the kids love it.

From left to right: the boquet, ladies corsages, mean's corsages and far right the little boquet to throw. We put the extra flowers on the cake and table center pieces.

Ok, I said there would be a new post on Wednesday and now it's Thursday, but it's not a year later! We have had by brother and his wife and family. We always have SO much fun when they come. We've stayed up to late almost every night playing killer bunnies or watching a movie or just talking. Last Friday My sister-in-law and I arranged the flowers for her sister's wedding on Saturday. We started about 11 in the morning and finished about 11:40 at night. Ofcourse we had diapers to change, meals to cook and cute kids who just needed some attention in between all of it. It was a lot of fun but it made me glad I'm not in buisness doing it. They turned out beautiful but man my kids needed me! I felt like I was saying "just a minute" all day long. Being a Mom is full time hands on! Some day it will be fun to have a flower shop or green house but for now I just know my attention is best spent on the three little munkshins that God gave me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today it is officially one year sicne my last post. I've been planning to start blogging again but have been waiting for this day....because it somehow seems more meaningful, like I took a year off instead of, I just got lazy. For those of you who have been worrying, I am not eternaly pregnant, as this blog would lead you to believe. I did have my baby. She was born October 20 and is now 9 month's old. She is pure sweetness! I love having a girl around the house. It's amazing how this tiny little lady brings out my femininity and adds gentility to our home! Dan graduated!!! That picture is the most current of the 3. I got bangs which I am now in the process of growing out cuz they drive me crazy! I know that gettings a hair cut doesn't fit up there with the important events of the year, had our third baby, Dan graduated from college, I changed my hair...hehehe Just a fun fact I guess. This is my update, see ya next year! Just Kidding! Next Wednessday there will be another post!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burk Family Campout

cute boys!

I just love this picture!

Me and my lovely sisters

The original Steve and Julie Burk fam

the big swing

James and Micheal

Grandpa blocking the water flow at the water hole

Spencer and Daniel at the water hole

All the grandkids (plus Anne keeping her little man from sprinting away)

We just got back from our trip to AZ. We went down for the annual Burk Family Campout. It is just with my parents and their children and families. There are nine of us kids, 5 married and 4 between college and junior high. We seem to add a few new people every year. I love it. We drove this time....... 16 hours one way.........long drive! The boys did amazingly well. I expected weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth but we had very little of that. James seemed to learn a few new words every day. He had so much fun following all the cousins around and getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. My favorite thing that he learned on our trip is, "come on guys!" He would say it when trying to catch up to bigger cousins or trying to get my attention. SO CUTE. Spencer loved the independence. THere was so much room for running around and adventure. I don't hardly let him outside to play by his self. I feel like we need a fence first with all the horses and potentialy dangerous but fun looking stuff in our area. Anyway, he also loved having Daniel around all week. I think he spent half of the campout on the big swing with Dan pushing him.
Anne, I will email you all the grand kid pics I took.
We had a wonderful trip and now We have a very exciting Fall season to look forward to, this will be the first holiday season of our marriage that we will be able to spend with Daniel's Parents, and we are excited for all of the fun and wonder that come with a new baby.

It was SO good to see all of my family. Some of you I havn't seen scince last years campout and probably won't see again until next years. We also got to see some of Daniel's family which was an added bonus.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy summer days.....

Prego Me :) I'm 28 weeks now, due Oct. 18
You should really click on this one to make it bigger and see Dan's muscles. These are the weeds in our yard. this kinda shows the before and after. He rented a thing and worked for 6 hours on Saturday to clear our jungle. Yeah, they were huge! (the muscles I mean)
Spencer and James couldn't have been happier. They always feed our weeds to the horses that live behind our house. This was at our stake 24th party.

Our neighbors had this cool old truck that their girls have outgrown and our boys just love it!

I think Spencer and James won this battle!

This was our first yield from our garden. Spencer was very proud

Sweet baby Evelyn!

These next two pics are from the air show with Grandma and Grandpa Smith. The Rexburg air show is AWESOME. I could do a whole post about it, probably next year, cause I'm sure we are going!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a girl!!!
We went in for the ultra sound and everything was normal and healthy. The ultrasound lady asked, "SO what do you think it is?" Dan said, "well, I don't see anything between the legs" "Yep, it's a girl!" We are so excited and thankful for this baby on the way. She will bring a whole new relm of little person that we have not yet experienced. Yeah!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Great news!

James feeding the goat at the zoo
Memorial Day!

My Grandpa's grave

Yeah it's warm!

Me and my honey

Ok, these last two pictures are reversed. the bottom one is the before and this one is the after of his first hair cut. He's just getting SO big!

It's been quite the month and a half. We went to Las Vegas for our neices' baptism, had Daniel's Mom and Dad stay for a couple weeks, Daniel started school again and we finaly have good wheather so we've been spending many evening working outside in our yard and garden. I could do a whole post just about that....our garden and my plans to can stuff this year. I think a will... in a few weeks when I know for sure that our garden is going to live and I can take a picture of something besides dirt. All of this is an explanation for why I have not yet posted that...................... I'm PREGNANT!!! Yeah! I mean like really pregnant, we didn't just find out, in fact, next week we are having my second ultra sound and finding out if it's a boy or girl this coming Thursday actually. I feel so excited like this is going to kinda define our family. If we get three boys in a row that starts to feel like we are a big family of boys, if we get a girl this time everything would be so different in a pink and pretty way. Either way I just feel so excited. SO there ya have it That's our great news.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Dan's birthday was on confrence Saturday. It often falls on confrence weekend. He's sitting in front of his banana cream pie (thankyou Frontier Pies) in a suit because he just got home from the priesthood session. The first birthday of Dan's that we spent together we had been married about 8 months and we went down to Brian and Dawn's for confrence. Aaron and Lani came too. I got him a hatchet form Sears and an icecream cake from Dairy queen. I wish I had a picture to show but we didn't have a digital camera yet. Anyway, now we've been married almost five years. It's amazing howmuch we've grown and changed together. I love you so much Daniel! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Here are the boys on the new step latter we got for Daniel. This is how they spent the first session of confrence going up and down and hitting balloons. After Spencer jumping off and James almost falling we quickly decided a step latter is not the best entertainment for toddlers, although they thought so!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long Time No.....Type?

So here's part of what we've been up to lately. This our little greenhouse with all our starts for our garden. I fear I started too early though. We had one week of good wheather and I got so excited I just couldn't wait. I'm not sure if you can tell but the plants are getting a bit long and gangly. Oh well, even seeing these little plants gives me hope of spring.

Here's my men playing the WII. They all look a little dazed in this picture so you might not believe me when I say they were having a blast. We have had so much with this! I have always hated video games, addmittedly because I stink at them and always loose. The wii is different! I love it!

This is "Spikey Boy" affectionately named by Spencer. James rubbed his hands all over his head. I think we were eating tuna sandwiches and the mayo worked better than moose.

Packing peanuts and static............hehehe. It took FOREVER to clean up! Every time I tried to throw a handful in the trash, half of it would stick and other pieces would jump back out. The vacum couldn't handle the big stuff and all the little stuff stuck to the outside. After about half an hour I was giving up hope. In an over dramatized way I kneeled on the floor and said "Spencer this will never work!" His reply, "just keep going Mom, it will be over soon." What a kid! He always keeps us laughing.

When the boys showed up I only needed one more cup of flour for making bread. We were all covered by the time that happened.

I know it probably seems cruel to go on a bike ride in such wheather but look at their faces. I think we all needed it. I just can't wait till we can do this without blankets, coats, mittens, hats ect.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things tag

I've been tagged. here are the rules, 25 random things, facts, habits goals about me.....hmmm.... I'm kinda bad at thinking of things like that but I'm up for a challenge

1. I'm middle child of 9 and have always loved it.
2. I love popcorn in all forms despite the stuff that gets stuck in my teeth, especially with some kind of sugar...popcorn balls are the best
3 For a big part of my childhood I wanted to be either a zoo keeper or a farmer when I grew up, I still love animals
4 The veins in my right hand spell, "HI" just like that, wierd huh!
5 I used to dance, ballet was my favorite.
6 Dan and I teach the 14-15 year old sunday school class
7 I just recieved the first bike of my life, I grew up in a town with VERY steep hills, very dangerous I guess
8 Dan would be the first to admit that I would pick up a snake or frog way before him
9 my favorite color is orange
10 I'm already running out of things...
11 some of my favorite memories are singing in parts (saprano, alto, tenor, base) with my fam
12 I dislocated my shoulder in gymnastics in highschool
13 I'm very partial to green veggies smothered in butter, especially asparagus
14 I have a afgan (chrochet blanket) I started a few years ago for Dan that I would love to finish
15 I am ALMOST finished with pajama pants for Dan and my boys that I started last year
16 this is the shortest haircut I ever had and I love it
17 I got it because it makes me look older and I have a never ending curse of looking like a baby, so I need it!
18 I really like to cut hair
19 I spent a semester in Nauvoo, Illinois and developed a passion for church history
and family history
20 I had a turtle that my brother caught for me named Speedy-tut tut
21 I LOVE angel food cake
22 I love to play games, but loose most and am often, sorry to admit, a sore looser
23 I need sunshine everyday or a start to go crazy, probably because where I grew up there wasn't a day in the year that we didn't go outside
24 Dan kissed me on our first date....well...our first outing when I went out to visit him in Vermont, it was unexpectedly perfect
25 I love, love, love playing on the floor with my boys, I could spend all day building trains and turning into different animals if it weren't for the pile of dishes in the corner of my eye.

well, there's 25 random facts...... surprising? Uh, some of those things I probably wouldn't have written if I wasn't in such a funny mood but they are all true.

Now I tag..... Eirn L, Kenzie, Kathryn and Mary S
Have fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheerios in the tub and birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. I feel like we've been celebrating for days now. On Saturday Dan made me wafles with strawberries and whip cream, my yearly request. That night we went out on an awsome date with some of our friends, affectionately known as princess and bubbles, (lazer tag names). Sunday and Monday Becc came over which is always a blast. Then Monday Dan got to take a half day at work and hang out with us. He got me a bike and trailer and a bike for him. I have been wanting that for years. This is the time of year to buy bikes, we got a great deal. Anyway, thanks sweetie!
Here are the promised bathtub pictures. The last post explains.

James 1st birthday!!! I feel like I just had him, except that I feel much better than that but man this year flew. He is such a sweet, cuddly little guy. He has started saying a few words like ball, puppy, kitty, and mainly.....NO!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A bit more about grad....

It's been over a month since my last post, my deepest apologies! So many things to tell!!! First, graduation. It was so fun! My big brother, who just happens to be one of the coolest people I know, graduated with me. We walked together and everything. I have never had so much fun waiting in line, and for those of you who have graduated, you that waiting in line is what you do the majority of the time. Then the talks were wonderful and we waited in line some more. It was finaly our turn and my brother let me graduate first! Ha ha, even he knows I was really supposed to be the older sybling!! Then when I got across the stage I walked down the stairs and saw my handsome hunny and our adorable boys waiting for me. Man it feels good to be done! Since then I have been spending my days in and out of the bathroom... "is Katie sick?" you ask.....NO, Spencer is potty training! Oh the joys.......... He actually went all of last week with no accidents. We used a sticker chart for motivation. It worked great. James learned to love the bathtub...not with water......just dry, more like a playpen to keep him away from the toilet and trash while I was helping Spencer. I have some very entertaining pictures of that whick I will post soon.